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Here at GBASS we strive to promote sport fishing for Bass in Guernsey, we are conservation minded and like to encourage catch and release however, we also promote the right for anglers to put a fish on the table.


Whether you are a shore angler, boat, kayak, lure angler, there is place for you in the club.  There are monthly prizes to be won and many different categories of competition throughout the fishing season.  


Our 'Competitions' page will show you what's available. Members are able to use personal digital scales to weigh fish when they are caught and then release them and weigh them into their club tally, it all works on trust.   With a monthly newsletter to keep you abreast of what's going on, fish of the month vouchers sponsored by Mick's Fishing Supplies and Boatworks+, access to this website and a Facebook page, the GBASS Committee endeavour to help make your fishing experience a good one.

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